Event marketing isn’t just fun and games, it’s a smart marketing strategy. Getting people together, and giving them an opportunity to walk for a cause, or to simply enjoy a nice meal with great music, for the purpose of establishing a stronger relationship with your brand or to raise money for your philanthropy is brilliant for a number of reasons. The most important reason is brand affinity. People like to know that you’re more than just the place they go to buy widgets, or a sandwich or an organization that feeds the needy. They want to know that you are human, approachable and in some way invested in the community. An event can make that connection.

Event Marketing isn’t new, but it has become much more accessible to smaller brands since the advent of social media. But event marketing is much more than just an event.  When you’re looking at all of the other services we offer at Maximize, and you’re thinking, “Man, they talk a lot about content.  I don’t have much content, and we don’t have time to write blog posts, or create pretty graphics that are not directly bringing new customers in the door.”  Well, an event is content marketing GOLD.  With an event, you have activity, you have people engaging with your brand, you have the opportunity to tell your story, through video and photos and through the attendees who participate in your event. This content can tell more about your company than a year’s worth of blog posts.  This content helps you stand out among the noise and get noticed.  Your customers will love you, they’ll tell their friends and as a result your new customers will begin loving you too.


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